License to Use

License to Use


The Zinc REACH Consortium has prepared a License to Use (LTU) Agreement which allows companies with REACH or CLP obligations to use its data.The Consortium agrees that the data, studies, summaries, waiving argumentations, reasoning of testing proposals and/or assessments owned by the Zinc consortium members, part of the joint submission of the Zinc consortium in support of the registration under REACH Regulation, may be cited or referred or used by a company to support its undertaking, required under the REACH or associated CLP-Regulation.

Data held by the Consortium may also have significance for non-EU legislative compliance. The Consortium has therefore revised its legal agreements to facilitate the use of data for such purposes and encourages non-EU companies and consortia to apply for the right to use Zinc REACH Consortium information. Zinc REACH Consortium members, who already have ownership of the data, and non-members alike will need to obtain an LTU from the Consortium to allow the use of the data in non-EU territories.

Interested companies should contact the REACH Secretariat to request an LTU. They should provide the Secretariat with details of their intentions, specifying the substance(s) for which the data would be used and, where requested for purposes other than REACH, for which jurisdiction.

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