Zinc sulphate (EC 231-793-3)
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Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance zinc sulphate is a mono constituent substance (origin: inorganic)

The following public name is used: zinc sulphate

Substance identity:
EC number: 231-793-3
EC name: zinc sulphate
CAS number (EC inventory): 7733-02-0
IUPAC name: zinc sulfate
Annex I index number: 030-006-00-9
Molecular formula: H2O4S.Zn
Molecular weight range: 161.4716
  1. Composition of the substance

Description: zinc sulphate anhydrous (covers also hydrated forms)

Degree of purity: > 90.0 — < 100.0 % (w/w)

Constituent Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks

zinc sulphate

EC no.: 231-793-3

97.5 % (w/w) > 90 % < 100 % (w/w)  


Impurities Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks

Zinc chloride

EC no.: 231-592-0

1 % (w/w)

 > 0 % < 2.5 % (w/w) 


EC no.: 231-791-2
1.5 % (w/w) > 0 % < 7.5 % (w/w)  
  1. Classification

Please download classification information from document at the bottom of the page. Zinc sulphate was in annex I of the old DSD 67/538/EC legislation and has been taken over in the annex VI of CLP 1272/2008/EC. Classification for environment has been revised according to the new criteria of 2nd ATP of CLP.



This document mentions ONLY the endpoints for which the substance, in its differents forms, is classified. Hydrated forms are covered by this classification.
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