Zinc sulphide (EC 215-251-3)
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Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance zinc sulphide is a mono constituent substance (origin: inorganic)

The following public name is used: C.I. 77975 Pigment white 7

Substance identity:
EC number: 215-251-3
EC name: zinc sulphide
CAS number (EC inventory): 1314-98-3
IUPAC name: thioxozinc
Molecular formula: SZn
Molecular weight range: 97.474
  1. Composition of the substance

Degree of purity: > 97.0 — < 99.0 % (w/w)

Constituent Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks

zinc sulphide

EC no.: 215-251-3

ca. 98.0 % (w/w)    


Impurities Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks

barium sulfate

EC no.: 231-784-4

   > 1.0 — < 2.0 % (w/w)  

zinc oxide

EC no.: 215-222-5
ca. 0.2 % (w/w) > 0.15 — < 0.25 % (w/w)  

cobalt sulfide

EC no.: 215-273-3
  > 300.0 — < 400.0 ppm As a process aid for the achievement of a smooth and even precipitation and cristallisation process a small amount of Cobalt Sulfate is added to the starting materials. In the presence of Sodium Sulfide Cobalt Sulfide is formed and precitpitated simultaneously together with the Zinc Sulfide. ZnSO4 + Na2S -- ZnS + Na2SO4 CoSO4 + Na2S -- CoxSy + Na2SO4 The precipitate is filtered and washed thoroughly for purification. Unless as Cobalt Sulfide is poorly soluble and partly enclosed by the Zinc Sulfide a concentration of approx 300 – 400 ppm remains as an impurity in the Zinc Sulfide. According to further testing the Cobalt shows extremely low solubility and in consequence low bioavailability. We therefore do not consider this impurity relevant for the classification and labeling of the substance.
  1. Classification

Please download classification information from document at the bottom of the page. Zinc sulphide was self-classified in both DSD 67/538/EC and CLP 1272/2008/EEC regulations, e.g. not classifed for any endpoints.


Zinc sulphide self classification according to CLP-GHS and DSD-DPD. Zinc sulphide is not classified.
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