Zinc nitrate (EC 231-943-8)
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1. Name and other identifiers of the substance

The substance Zinc Nitrate is a mono constituent substance (origin: inorganic) having the following characteristics and physical–chemical properties (see the IUCLID dataset for further details).

The following public name is used: Zinc Nitrate.

Table 1. Substance identity

EC number 231-943-8
EC name zinc nitrate
CAS number (EC inventory) 7779-88-6
IUPAC name Zinc nitrate
Molecular formula HNO3.1/2Zn
Molecular weight range ca.189.4



2. Composition of the substance

Name: Zinc Nitrate

Degree of purity: >= 99.0 — <= 100.0 % (w/w)

Table 2. Constituents

Constituent Typical concentration  Concentration range Remarks

Zinc Nitrate

EC no: 231-943- 8     

ca.99.0% (w/w)            >= 99.0 — <= 100.0 % (w/w)                     


Table 3. Impurities

Impurity Typical concentration  Concentration range  Remarks


EC no.: 231-791-2

<= 1.0 % (w/w) >= 0.0 — <= 1.0 % (w/w)                      









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