Zinc bis(dihydrogen phosphate) (EC 237-067-2)

Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance zinc bis(dihydrogen phosphate) is a mono constituent substance (origin: inorganic)

Substance identity:
EC number: 237-067-2
EC name: zinc bis(dihydrogen phosphate)
CAS number (EC inventory): 13598-37-3
Molecular formula: Zn(H2PO4)2
Molecular weight range: 259.38
  1. Composition of the substance

Degree of purity: >= 99.0 % (w/w)

Constituent Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks

zinc bis(dihydrogen phosphate)

EC no.: 257-467-0

>=99 % (%w/w) >=95 <=100 (%w/w)  


Impurities Typical concentration Concentration range Remarks


EC no.: 231-791-2

<= 1 % (w/w) >=0 <= 5 (%w/w)  
  1. Classification

Please download classification information from document at the bottom of the page. Zinc bis(dihydrogen phosphate) was self-classified in both DSD 67/538/EC and CLP 1272/2008/EEC regulations.


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