Residues, zinc smelting (273-824-3)

Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance Residues, zinc smelting is a UVCB (origin: inorganic)

Public name: Zinc ashes and drosses

Substance identity:
EC number: 273-824-3
EC name: Residues, zinc smelting
CAS number (EC inventory): 69029-83-0
IUPAC name: Residues, zinc melting, alloying and casting
Description: Residues, zinc smelting (EC 273-824-3) are formed in manufacturing steps when zinc or zinc alloys need to be melted. Commercial grades of zinc ingots are molten at elevated temperatures at 550°C at atmospheric conditions, in a closed and ventilated furnace, alloying the melt per campaign according the specifications (quality and format) of the customer’s applications: sometimes 25 kg-ingots with 4% Al and 1% Cu for Die-casting applications, sometimes 1t -5t slabs with 0,5%Al or 0,2%Ni and minor additions of Sn and Bi for Galvanizers customers, sometimes 2t slabs with 1% Cu and minor additions of Ti for Zn-sheet applications.
The by-product material “Residues, zinc smelting – EC 273-824-3”, collected once or twice per shift, contains essentially:
• Zinc oxide with other metallic oxide, in variable composition coming from the not solicited, but unavoidable, oxidation of the zinc-alloy occurring at the bath surface with ambient air.
• Fluxing agents ( alkali-chloride based) added on the bath surface in order to control the dross formation and some refractory traces from the furnace lining ( Ca-Mg-silicates)
• Metallic zinc alloy, in variable quantities, coming from raking regularly the surface bath in order to clean it from the dross formed.
This intermediate is further used in metallurgical plants for recovery of zinc and/or zinc compounds.
Molecular formula:  n.a.
Molecular weight range:  n.a.


  1. Composition of the substance

Residues, zinc smelting has 2 composition ranges, one of which has very low cadmium and nickel. It will thus have also 2 classifications.

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  1. Classification

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