Leach residues, cadmium cake (293-309-7)
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 Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance Leach residues, cadmium cake is a UVCB (origin: inorganic)

Public name: cadmium cake

Substance identity:
EC number: 293-309-7
EC name: Leach residues, cadmium cake
CAS number (EC inventory): 91053-44-0
IUPAC name: Insoluble cadmium-containing residue after precipitation of cadmium bearing solutions
Description: Cadmium-rich precipitate obtained by adding of a reducing agent –i.e. Zinc powder, Fe-powder, Al-powder, H2, ...- to the Cadmium loaded Sulphate solution.
The precipitate is separated in dedicated settler, then optionally re-pulped in a second reaction tank with a slightly acidic sulphate solution i.o.t. dissolve the excess of un-reacted reducing agent powder . Eventually, the Cadmium-rich precipitate is washed and filtered out of the suspension using press-filters.
This Intermediate is typically used in production units of Cadmium metal or Cadmium compounds.
Molecular formula:  n.a.
Molecular weight range:  n.a.


  1. Composition of the substance

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  1. Classification

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Revised Section 3 of CSR: Classification and labelling. Self classification of the intermediate according to DSD/DPD and CLP/GHS. Unless specific data were provided, the toxicity mixture rules were applied. Last revision 26/04/2013.
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Section 1.2 of CSR: composition of the intermediate.
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