Flue dust, zinc-refining (273-760-6)
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 Substance description/characteristics

  1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance Flue dust, zinc-refining  is a UVCB (origin: inorganic)

Public name: waelz oxide


Substance identity:
EC number: 273-760-6
EC name: Flue dust, zinc-refining
CAS number (EC inventory): 69012-63-1
IUPAC name:  Flue dust, zinc-refining
Description: Zinc bearing materials and reducing agents (i. e. coke) are blended, wet and fed to a furnace at high temperature causing fuming of zinc
Air oxidizes the zinc in the gas-phase to solid zinc oxide and entrains it together with some particles from the feed; the fume is collected in the gas-cleaning system OR
Material is produced in a blast furnace where there is no oxidising atmosphere. Chemical reaction of the zinc takes place in the wet gas cleaning system (with water)
Flue dust is collected in bag-house filters or wet gas cleaning system. It is a zinc oxide rich material containing some impurities and halogens.
Molecular formula:  n.a.
Molecular weight range:  n.a.
  1. Composition of the substance

Flue dust, zinc refining has 2 composition ranges, one of which has very low cadmium and nickel. It will thus have also 2 classifications

Please download composition information from document at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Classification (revised 2012)

Please download classification information from document at the bottom of the page. 

Classification and labelling. Self classification of the intermediate according to DSD/DPD and CLP/GHS regulations. Unless specific data were provided, the toxicity mixture rules were applied.
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Composition ranges of the intermediate
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