Calcines, lead-zinc ore conc. (305-411-1)

Substance description/characteristics

1. Name and other identifiers of the substance:

The substance Calcines, lead-zinc ore conc. is a UVCB (origin: inorganic)


Substance identity:
EC number: 305-411-1
EC name: Calcines, lead-zinc ore conc.
CAS number (EC inventory): 94551-62-9
Description:  A thermally agglomerated substance formed by heating a mixture of metal sulfide concentrates, limestone, sand, furnace dross, miscellaneous zinc, lead and copper bearing materials, together with already roasted material to a temperature of 1000°C to 1200°C (1830°F to 2192°F).
Molecular formula:  n.a.
Molecular weight range:  n.a.

2. Composition of the substance

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3. Classification

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