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The Secretariat of the Zinc Consortium is acting as  Facilitator, on behalf of the Lead Registrant, for each of the substances. 

The REACH Registration Dossier will be submitted by the Lead Registrant, and all other registrants will refer to it when making their registration.  The registration dossier is being prepared by the Zinc Consortium.

Since 2010 deadline, registration dossiers are periodically updated in line with the latest scientific information. Updated information is only available to Consortium members or  those purchasing a letter of access from the Consortium that grants a 'permission to refer' to the Dossier for the specific purpose of REACH registration. 

Visit the substance-specific pages to learn more about progress to-date.

Transported intermediates
Calcines, zinc ore-conc. (273-776-3)
Calcines, lead-zinc ore conc. (305-411-1)
Flue dust, zinc-refining (273-760-6)
Leach residues, zinc ore, lead-contg. (293-314-4)
Cement copper (266-964-1)
Leach residues, cadmium cake (293-309-7)
Leach residues, zinc ore-calcine, zinc cobalt (273-769-5)
Wastewater, zinc sulfate electrolytic, acid (273-723-4)
Wastewater, cadmium sulfate electrolytic, acid (273-721-3)
Slimes and Sludges, zinc sulfate electrolytic (273-742-8)
Waste solids, lead silver anode (305-449-9)
Residues, zinc smelting (273-824-3)
Zinc, dross (273-694-8)
Cadmium, dross (273-707-7)
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