Zinc metal (231-175-3)
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Generic Exposure Scenarios

  1. Zinc production
  2. Formulation step: melting, alloying and casting in massive pieces
  3. Formulation step: melting, alloying manufacture of powders
  4. Manufacturing of other zinc compounds
  5. Laboratory reagent
  6. Use of molten zinc
  7. Transformation of massive zinc
  8. Use of zinc powders
  9. DU of massive pieces of zinc
  10. DU of  preparations containing zinc powder

Identified uses

  • Storage of ingots-slabs in warehouses
  • Production of chemicals (pyrometallurgy / hydrometallurgy)
  • Additive for production of inorganic catalysts
  • Melting, alloying and casting
  • Cathodic protection - sacrifical anodes / downstream use of zinc-based sacrifical anodes
  • Extraction of Precious Metals (Parkes process)
  • Zinc casting / granules, pellets, prills, …
  • Zinc sheet casting and rolling
  • Wire and rods manufacturing / downstream use of Zn based wire for metal spraying
  • Component for soldering/brazing/welding products / downstream use of Zinc based brazing/soldering products
  • Strips and coins manufacturing
  • Batteries ballots, cans manufacturing
  • Zinc (pure or alloyed) powder manufacturing
  • Passivated zinc powder manufacturing (pure or alloyed)
  • Use of active powders for batteries
  • Use of Zinc powders, pure or slightly alloyed, for formulation of paints, coatings, and inks / Use of zinc powder based paints, coatings and inks
  • Use of zinc powder for mechanical plating
  • Use of zinc powder as reductant reagent
  • Use of (alloyed) Zn powder as corrosion inhibitor for lubricants
  • use of zinc powder (pure or alloyed) in the manufacture of diamond tools
  • Use of zinc powder (pure or alloyed) in the manufacture of friction lining
  • Use of zinc powder (pure or alloyed) in the manufacture of carbon brushes
  • Brass manufacturing / Use of brass casts for transformation into semi-products / Use of brass containing products
  • Die-casting alloys manufacturing / Use of die-casting ingots
  • Manufacturing of Zinc containing Al-alloys / Use of zinc containing Al alloys
  • General hot dip galvanizing
  • Continuous hot dip galvanizing
  • Electrogalvanizing
  • Electroplating
  • Production of "targets" by (EB) PVD or other sputtering techniques
  • Use of galvanized goods

If your use is not in the list, please contact us to report it. The list of uses with descriptors of use can be dowloaded from the link below. However, they appear as they were discussed and potentially updated in the "old" IUCLID format. In the new 5.4 IUCLID, entries would have to be revised (compatibility of ERCs in the different sections).


Document compiling all uses reported to the Consortium as of December 2012
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